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From Virtual to Reality – Understanding the new landscape for Talent Acquisition and how it impacts background screening

For talent acquisition managers, the current climate of recruiting has never been so fraught, with the ‘big resignation’ leading to challenges never seen before.

HireRight has asked Forrester, a leading global research and advisory company, to share their insights into what the new landscape in Talent Acquisition will be and how it will impact background screening. Take a look at the accompanying videos, featuring guest Forrester analyst Betsy Summers.

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Building a Global Background Screening Program


Over the coming months, our new content series will cover important considerations when rolling out a global screening program, such as:

  • How businesses can build out their global screening programs
  • Compliance considerations for international screening
  • Things to review before you get started, and
  • Best practices for onboarding and monitoring global screening programs

Part 2 – Compliance Considerations

Part 1 – Introduction to building a Global Background Screening Program


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