Power of Our Partnership

Everything you need to attract, select, and hire great talent.

It’s time to move beyond your legacy software to a global talent acquisition suite that is usable on the inside, yet flexible and connected to the world outside. The SmartRecruiters enterprise hiring platform delivers a boundless user experience that gives your HR team the talent, tools, and insights they need to achieve hiring success. With a partnership established in 2017, the SmartRecruiters and HireRight integrated solution helps employers select and hire great talent with speed, precision, and innovation.

Through our global partnership, HireRight and SmartRecruiters are helping mutual customers leverage their investment more effectively. Integrating HireRight employment background screening with SmartRecruiters enables you to hire and onboard quality employees more quickly, saving your organization time and money, while improving both the candidate and recruiter experiences.


HireRight + SmartRecruiters

HireRight’s integration with SmartRecruiters brings screening activities such as ordering, tracking, and getting status updates together.

  • Background screening & drug testing services supported
  • Real-time ordering & screening status within our platform
  • Unique “change tracker” technology highlights changes made by the applicant to the information passed to HireRight via the SmartRecruiters integration
  • Electronic authorization and disclosure solutions available with e-signature capability
  • Integrated real-time order tracking and status updates
  • Consent for SMS text invites
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Watch this quick video on connecting SmartRecruiters with HireRight background screening solutions.

Screening Solutions

HireRight allows you to customize a package of screening services based on best practices to help you meet your budget, organizational and regulatory compliance requirements, and level of risk tolerance.

  • Onboard a better quality of hire
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Promote a safer workplace environment
  • Protect your employment brand

Let’s Talk about our PARTNERSHIP

Our integrated solution helps make hiring great people all over the world easier and empowers hiring managers to reach, connect and engage with talent wherever they are. Together HireRight and SmartRecruiters’ solution can enhance your organization’s hiring and onboarding processes and lead to better hiring decisions.

  • Accelerate Your Results - Companies that move fast win the talent race.
  • Improve Your Candidate Experience - A modern, digital experience reflects well on your employer brand.


The Power of our Partnership

Read our blog to learn more about our partnership with SmartRecruiters.

Delivering an Efficient Implementation

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Delivering an Efficient Implementation

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