Power of Our Partnership

What if your ATS and background screener helped you hire faster?

Meet Olivia! The first conversational ATS recruiting software from Paradox. Olivia makes high volume hiring easier and faster for managers and candidates.

HireRight and Paradox have an integration that is helping organizations of all sizes transform the high-volume hiring experience. Our integration is fast and easy to use, creating a more efficient background screening process for both the recruiter and the candidate all via your mobile device.

Our integration is already helping global employers transform high-volume hiring by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to focus more on applicants and less on mundane, time-consuming tasks. Interested in improving your high-volume hiring? Watch this quick video.

Our solution is designed so that users can easily order HireRight background screening services from within the Paradox ATS interface.  This streamlined hiring solution enables process efficiency for recruiting and screening candidates. The integration furthers HireRight’s commitment to creating a better candidate experience and helps recruiters move candidates through the hiring process faster.

Why integrate with Paradox and HireRight?

HireRight + Paradox

Let’s Talk about our PARTNERSHIP

Our integrated solution eliminates the friction and simplifies the hiring and onboarding process to help make high-volume hiring easier and empowers hiring managers to reach, connect and engage with talent wherever they are. Together HireRight and Paradox can help you enhance your organization’s hiring and onboarding processes and support better hiring decisions.

  • Streamline Your High-Volume Hiring Process - initiate screenings easily, and transparently manage cases and workflow
  • Accelerate Your Results - Companies that move fast win the talent race.
  • Improve Your Candidate Experience - A modern, digital experience reflects well on your employer brand.


Paradox streamlines every part of the high-volume hiring process through conversational recruiting assistant Olivia.  These conversations simplify tasks like screening, scheduling, and onboarding allowing teams to say goodbye to time consuming tasks and hello to faster hiring.

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The Power of our Partnership

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Delivering an Efficient Implementation

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HireRight and Paradox integration provides both – a fast, seamless hiring process that works. Download to learn more.

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Healthcare Recruiting

Download our Paradox healthcare datasheet to learn how we assist hospitals, health systems and home healthcare clients across the country.


Healthcare Recruitment and Screening trends

Enjoy a copy of HireRight’s 2023 U.S. Healthcare Spotlight Report. The report covers key trends direct from talent acquisition teams in the healthcare industry, including growth predictions, variations in recruitment methods, and remote working.
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